Hey everyone I wanted to let you know that we are headed to the Albuquerque Comic Expo! You may be wondering what all this we is about well I’m not talking about myself as a collected whole but my game studio (Subli)minal Gaming! We will be there with the Rio Grande IGDA booth debuting a brand new game! So stop on by and talk to us!

Also check out some of the other local Albuquerque Game Developer’s at the Rio Grande IGDA booth including the developer’s behind Grecca Online and the developer of XBox Live Indie Game  In The Pit!

Now This post wouldn’t be complete without a quick Game Design!

Title: Consistancy

Platform: Internet Blog

Description: Update a game design post every (week)day like you said you would!

Oh uh… I guess that game is specifically for me…

ummm Another update tomorrow!


About Ryan "Subliminalman" Leonski

I'm an aspiring Game Developer who is currently working on creating my own studio, (Subli)minal Gaming.
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