Game Designs!

Oh gosh! Finals took it out of me! Sorry for the no updates since… wow! Almost 10 days! To make up for it I’ll be doing 3 Game Designs per day till they’re made up!

Game Design 7

Title: RPG Dancer

Players:  1

Platform: Anything that had the DDR pad

You move around the world using the four directional buttons on the dance pad. Random battles occur and you have to choose what to do with the directional buttons, from there you have to dance to have the command actually happen. You use up to do basic attack, from there you dance Up, Up+Left, Up+Right. Then to run you press down then dance Left, Right, Left, Right, Left, Right. Special is Left then dance Up, left, right, down, Left+right, Up + down. Use item is Right then you dance according to which item you choose!

Game Design 8

Title: Drama Button

Players: 1

Platform: Facebook


Ever have drama on facebook? Is it everybody else’s fault and not yours? Wondering how bad your life is? Well you need the drama button! Every time some Drama comes your way press the drama button! It will post to your wall how many times you have pressed it! Now everyone will know how hard it is to be you! Invite your friends! Can you get the highscore in the worldwide leaderboards? Just keep getting that drama!

Game Design 9

Title: Rainbow Chaser!

Players: MMO

Platform: PC

Description: You and your friends are on the hunt for a rainbow! You see it in the distance and you run for it in full 3D! Can you catch it? NO!

Join together in a raid for the rainbow and still NEVER GET IT in this highly addicting game!

Make friends, make clans, and join the chat log and lie how you actually caught the rainbow when you NEVER DID!

Level up by RUNNING! Level cap 100!

In the late game chase the DOUBLE RAINBOW!

Punch a leprechaun


About Ryan "Subliminalman" Leonski

I'm an aspiring Game Developer who is currently working on creating my own studio, (Subli)minal Gaming.
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1 Response to Game Designs!

  1. Sigil says:

    Hmm, the RPG Dancer sounds like a neat idea (though I’d never play it, because I have the podal dexterity of a slug), but I would suggest that rather than having to select attacks, you simply dance them out. That way the motions are more fluid.

    Drama button: Hook this up to Facebook. Done.

    Rainbow thing – Wasn’t there a Southpark episode with something like this, but chasing a dragon instead of rainbows?

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