Game Design 6

Stupid finals are getting in the way of me doing nothing! What is this? Seriously! I’m supposed to be lounging around acting like I’m important not this “Learning”! Quite honestly I find it rather appalling that they believe that I don’t got the smarts. Well I’ll show them! WITH A NEW GAME DESIGN!

Title: Quick Timed!

Players : 1 – 4

Platform: Wii, PS3 Move, Kinect

Players compete against one another to come up with the most crazy movements to throw against each other! Each player creates 3 movements before the round starts which are randomly selected during the round set to music from one of 40 indie Hipster bands that only 3 people ever heard of! Then they went mainstream and the 3 Hipsters hated them.  Do time attack mode to see who gets the most movements correct, survival mode miss a move lose a life, and freestyle where its an all out brawl!

Wow this game sounds epic! And deadly…


About Ryan "Subliminalman" Leonski

I'm an aspiring Game Developer who is currently working on creating my own studio, (Subli)minal Gaming.
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