Game Design 5

Yeesh I need to do these during daylight. Well whatever, heres the next game concept of the day!

Title: Extreme Coffee Maker!

Players: 1 or 2

Platform: Downloadable Game (Wiiware, PSN, XBLA, PC)

Description: Welcome to the glorious world of coffee! People need their coffee bad and you just happened to open up a new Coffee Shop! Grow your Coffee and harvest then roast, grind, brew and serve to your customers! You better have the best brew or else the customer’s will scold your face with the abomination that you call coffee!

How to Play:

Each task has a small mini game associated with it along with an area that is upgradeable  to help you brew the best coffee ever!


Buy the best coffee plant seeds and watch them grow, make sure you water regularly and during the right season. Try different types to help create different blends. Upgrade from your backyard garden to an entire farm and then outsource also!


Start out with a simple firepit to begin roast but be careful you don’t want them there for too long! Make different flavors by roasting with other ingredients, make light or dark roasts. This is where it counts make sure you don’t mess it up!


Start with a hand grinder and work your way up to the Grind Master 5000 which could grind an entire car into nice smooth pieces! How course do you want your coffee! Remember the customer’s watching you!


Do you like your coffee blacker than any abyss, or do you want it so sugary there’s hardly a drop of coffee to go with the whip cream? Is everything the right price? Don’t mess this one up or else burns on the face!

You will be going through these rounds each day to make sure you are the king of the coffee world!


About Ryan "Subliminalman" Leonski

I'm an aspiring Game Developer who is currently working on creating my own studio, (Subli)minal Gaming.
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