Game Design 2 and 3

Oh no! I didn’t post a game design yesterday! Oh jeez whats wrong with me?! To make it up to all of you I will post not just one but TWO, thats right TWO game designs!

Game Design Two

The first I receive inspiration from a confrontation yesterday. I call the game Gut Check.

Gut Check

Players: 1

Genre: Action/Adventure/RPG

Platform: Flash

How would you handle a situation? Quietly brush it off or go extremist? You decide in Gut Check a game that tests you in a multitude of situations from a simple who ate my sandwich to a full on genocide! Will you either prevent the situation from ever happening or be the one who caused the whole ordeal to begin! You decide in over 50 missions and 6 different endings! Create your own avatar to go through the world and see what decisions you make.

Gut Check  has you go through an open world environment using whatever means necessary to shape your world. Are you an extremist who is willing to use harm and terror to shape your world or are you non-violent and organize protests and create entire movements.

Gut Check is a top down open world action/adventure/rpg where you use your environment and your interaction with other people to shape the world you are in. Players start out by creating an avatar and building your character with various stats such as charisma, strength, and intelligence. Talk to various people throughout the world with dialog trees that are created based on your stats the way you play and what items you have within your inventory. Do you pull out your gun for someone stealing your sandwich or do you simply ask for it back. It is completely up to you.

Interact with your environment! Don’t like a building? Blow it up! Want some cash? Go get a job! In Gut Check you create your story.

Game Design THREE

Title: Tie The Rope

Platform: Smartphones/tablets

Whats with all the cutting lately? That doesn’t seem nice people worked hard to put those ropes up in the first place! Tie the Rope is a puzzle game where you control rope and have to tie it around pegs, posts and moving objects to keep things from falling apart. Make sure you do it in time though or else entire structures may fall apart! Look out for fire, scissors and other obstacles that may get in your way of tying the rope!  Also don’t get tangled and run out of rope, you only have so much to work with you know!

Use your finger to have the rope follow your every swipe. Use a simple circle motion to tie around posts and other objects. Use multitouch to create tight ropes or other awesome shapes  to help you along your journey to Tie the Rope.

So thats it for today!

Tell me what you think of the Game Designs in the comments below!


About Ryan "Subliminalman" Leonski

I'm an aspiring Game Developer who is currently working on creating my own studio, (Subli)minal Gaming.
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4 Responses to Game Design 2 and 3

  1. I really like the tie the rope game!

  2. shandiin says:

    I like both of them! Better make them soon!

  3. Sigil says:

    You’re excused for yesterday. Tie the rope does sound pretty awesome. Gut check sounds like a good concept, but not something I’d personally be interested in. I’ll admit bias, though: I like puzzles, but not so much games based on morality.

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