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Hey everyone I wanted to let you know that we are headed to the Albuquerque Comic Expo! You may be wondering what all this we is about well I’m not talking about myself as a collected whole but my game … Continue reading

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Game Designs!

Oh gosh! Finals took it out of me! Sorry for the no updates since… wow! Almost 10 days! To make up for it I’ll be doing 3 Game Designs per day till they’re made up! Game Design 7 Title: RPG … Continue reading

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Game Design 6

Stupid finals are getting in the way of me doing nothing! What is this? Seriously! I’m supposed to be lounging around acting like I’m important not this “Learning”! Quite honestly I find it rather appalling that they believe that I … Continue reading

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Game Design 5

Yeesh I need to do these during daylight. Well whatever, heres the next game concept of the day! Title: Extreme Coffee Maker! Players: 1 or 2 Platform: Downloadable Game (Wiiware, PSN, XBLA, PC) Description: Welcome to the glorious world of … Continue reading

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Game Design 4 and announcement!

Hey everyone I’m back for game design 4! So what’s todays? Dropper! Platform: Flash or Mobile Players: 1 Description: Each level you construct a small “breaker” out of everyday objects to have dropped onto a breakable platform. Make sure you … Continue reading

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Game Design 2 and 3

Oh no! I didn’t post a game design yesterday! Oh jeez whats wrong with me?! To make it up to all of you I will post not just one but TWO, thats right TWO game designs! Game Design Two The … Continue reading

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So I’m learning flash again. I first started when I was in highschool and I created a really cheesy animation of a black knight with pie. It was okay but I was never going to really show it. Until probably … Continue reading

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