Well GDC has started and I’ve been swept away with it once again. I wasn’t able to update earlier due to the fact that I was on the slow internet. Seriously theres an option that says Fast. Why couldn’t they just open both up to be fast? Oh well.

Having finally payed for a membership to be part of the IGDA I was awarded a meta game where you get a small deck of cards. 2 of these cards are question cards ex. “Which game is more dream like?” and then you get cards that have various game titles on them. You then go up to another person and challenge them to a debate and get some bystanders to judge which better suits the argument. I have lost twice and won once so far. I find that you have a much better advantage if you are the one being challenged and giving a rebuttal then if you are the challenger.

Unfortunately I do not have an all access pass so I could go to the various summits and tutorials. The stuff I get to go to doesn’t start until Wednesday. So I usually go around networking trying to find various interesting/famous people to rub elbows with.

One of the first things you must learn, the best place to network isn’t at GDC, it’s at the parties.


About Ryan "Subliminalman" Leonski

I'm an aspiring Game Developer who is currently working on creating my own studio, (Subli)minal Gaming.
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